The Blooming Q and Kiu is a
luxury silk womenswear's brand 
created by designer Wang Qi and
Angus Kiu. The collection was 
inspired by their own emotions, 
expressed through the choice of
 materials and craftsmanships. 
Emphasizing simple silhouettes 
to ensure comfort when wearing 
the garments. Various forms of 
segmentation and deconstruction 
explored to achieve aesthetic 
experimentation while maintaining
the wearability.

    We attentively in creating 
ingenious special materials 
for everyone and we are honored 
to cooperate with manufacturers 
who develop fabrics for 
international brands. Such as a
variety of different weights and
stretchiness of silks fabic, 
different printing techniques 
and dyeing processes, beading 
and embroidery, knitted jersey, 
machine-washable jacquard fabrics.

With a multicultural perspective,
we deliberates on our own fashion
insights and interprets the unique
charm of modern women in the 
growth of love, encouraging, a 
spacewhere you feel relaxed and 
can express yourself freely.